Spinners Cafe

Spinners Cafe

Spinners Cafe is a cozy little breakfast and lunch joint in Waianae that has good food at good prices.

After my wife and I finished exploring Ka’ena Point, we decided to grab some lunch on the way home. As Jan was scoping out the map while I was driving the Jeep, she commented that most of the eateries in Waianae appeared to be fast food joints. We generally avoid fast food places because they rarely have gluten free options. So it looked like we’d have to drive farther for food. Damn.

But wait! A place called Spinners Cafe popped up. The menu had things ranging from chili dogs to grilled mahi at decent prices, and looked like a winner.

Spinners Cafe

So, there we went. Unfortunately, they were out of mahi, darn it, so we settled on the pork tacos. I got flour tortillas, and they had corn tortillas for Jan, so that was a win. I have to confess, though, that while Jan’s tortillas were plenty big to accommodate the pork and fixings, mine were a bit bigger than the palm of my hand. But that just made trying to eat them more fun!

Now, I wouldn’t say it was the best pork I’ve had, but it was certainly yummy. And while the serving didn’t look very big, there was quite a bit of meat packed into the serving cup.

The staff was super friendly, which is always a plus. And Spinners is right at the marina. You can book a dolphin excursion, which we’re planning to do at some point in the not too distant future. So what’s not to love? If you’re in or near Waianae, check it out!

Spinners Cafe in Waianae

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