SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

The SodaStream Source sparkling water maker has probably saved me from being pickled by drinking soda. Yeah, I know, I should have the willpower to not drink that sugary crap. But it was incredibly difficult to stay away from that addictive sugariness. Until now.

We were introduced to the SodaStream by some of our Canadian friends (“Oh, Canadaaaaa!”) during an RV trip to the Great White North a few years ago. We decided on the spot that we were going to get one when we got home. And so we did.

The SodaStream “sparkling water maker” holds a recyclable CO2 canister that blows tiny bubbles into a bottle filled with water. Voila — sparkling water! You can either drink it straight, like seltzer water, or add any number of flavorings and/or sweeteners, however you like.

While SodaStream offers several models, our friends had the Source, and so that’s the one we got, too. It’s easy to use. Once you’ve screwed in the CO2 canister, you stick the bottle in the receptacle in the front. Then you press down from one to three times on the pressurizer thingy, which shoots CO2 bubbles into the water. Then you remove the bottle from the water maker, add any flavoring (if you like), and enjoy!

Our SodaStream came with two 1 liter bottles. I also ordered a pair of 0.5 liter bottles that fit perfectly into my meal prep lunch bag. But I also sometimes carry a jar of Instant Pot Yogurt in one of the little bottle compartments; when I do, I take one of the big bottles with me.

Sometimes I just drink the water straight, but more often than not, I spice it up with some fruit flavors.

The SodaStream Source has saved us a ton of money that I would have spent on soda. And it’s a lot healthier than those sugar- and caffeine-laden drink options!


  1. You bought it! It’s great, eh? We still use ours everyday and have recently gotten used to just plain water with it, but I still prefer to add flavour. Glad we could help you spend your money. 🙂

    • Yo! Yeah, love it! I use it every day, too – better than pop, eh? I just wish we would’ve bought it up there in the Great White North! And now that I think of it, the CO2 cartridge is almost empty. Have to get a new one soon!

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