Mike’s Crazy Kitchen on YouTube

Mike’s Crazy Kitchen Has A YouTube Channel

God help us all, but I just set up a YouTube channel and posted my first video! It’s just a little intro piece with my wife, Jan. She made me do this! She’s such a big meanie.

I’ll be focusing a lot — but not exclusively — on cooking with the Instant Pot. My next video will be an Instant Pot intro, and in the near future I’ll show you some super easy things you can do with it.

Another thing I’ll be doing during the “come cook with me” type videos will be converting regular recipes to be gluten free. A lot of gluten free folks agonize over this, but it is SO easy to do for most recipes. The best thing is that if you have other family members who don’t have gluten issues, they won’t be able to tell the difference!

Tthe real entertainment will begin as I post more videos on my YouTube channel! Enjoy!

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