Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

If I could only have two “appliances” to cook with, one would definitely by my Instant Pot. The other would have to be my Cast Iron Skillet by Lodge.

A cast iron skillet is one of the most versatile pieces of cookware you can own. Those made by Lodge are extremely high quality and will literally last you a lifetime. You can cook tons of things (like French Toast!) using only the skillet. It’s also the perfect complement to your Instant Pot for searing meat. That’s one of the few things the Instant Pot is rather so-so with.

My Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is the twelve inch version. It has a silicone cover for the handle, which makes holding it and shifting it around much easier. However, handling this thing takes some elbow grease, especially when you’re wrestling it around in the sink to clean it. And make SURE you have a heat-resistant glove or oven mitt on when you grab the extension opposite the handle!

Another thing to keep in mind about cast iron cookware is that they do need a bit of care. Lodge products are pre-seasoned, where oil has been baked onto the metal. That is what makes cast iron quasi-non-stick. The seasoning can wear off, though, and periodically needs to be redone.

I’ll now confess that I’ve done a crappy job of seasoning my skillet. I often wind up just smearing some oil around before cooking something, and damned if it doesn’t still work well.

The last thing is cleaning: be sure to pay attention to the cleaning instructions. There’s a difference between the mild neglect I inflict on mine and the sticking the poor thing in the dishwasher. As Arnold would say, “Don’t do dat!”

One thing I have yet to get (as of this writing) is a chain mail scrubber like this one. These things make cleaning your cast iron ware a breeze. They can also help restore the surface condition, and will last a lifetime, too.

The bottom line? My Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is one of my essential kitchen tools!

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